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The Best time to go fish-in, is when you have the time!

( Pops “Joe Bourgeois”)

LOTS of Reds Biting!

LIVE Shrimp or Bait Shrimp and we have them both.

Places to try Rigolets, Bayou Perot, Bay Round and Bay Laurier.

Bass are HOT!

Top water, Frogs and Buzz Baits.

Try around Bayou Rigolets, Bayou Perot and The Pen.  

Weather is hot but so is the fishing! (7/24/18)


Specks are showing up in Barataria Bay, Lil Lake and Hackberry Bay!

Lots of Reds around Lil Lake, 3 Bayou Bay, Bay Round, Pen and Rigolets. 

BASS Topwater, action Lures around Blue Point, Rigolets and the Pen. 

LIVE shrimp coming soon! 

Great Fishing season coming! (4/17/18)


5 Minute boat ride!

Specks are in Bayou Rigolets, Bayou Perot and Little Lake!

  LIVE Shrimp, Texas Roach, Cock of the walk, Sparkle Beetles, Matrix Lemon Head!  

Reds are thick around Rigolets, bayou Perot, Pen, Turtle Bay, 3 bayou bay, Lil Lake and Brusle Lake.

  Try spoons, fresh shrimp on a jig head are a cork.

  LOTS of BASS  Topwater frog #1.  Bass are in Bayou Perot, The Pen and Rigolets.  Fish the grass beds. 

Good reports on Sacalaits around Gulf Canal on Mini Jigs. 

Give us a call for more info! (10-11-17)